The idea is that this sculpture, as far as possible, are going to look like the cult bicycle Cinelli Laser. This bike was first constructed in the mid 80s and is now something of a symbol. The Laser is a bicycle of the highest order. It has a status that is not of this world. It has everyone’s respect and is considered by some to be the Holy Grail of bikes. I have no experience in building bikes and I’ve never brazed or welded anything in my life before I started this project. I should also mention that I am a huge cycling enthusiast and Cinelli as well as all The Laser bikes has always had my greatest admiration.

This art project that I am working on is, in some ways, a direct outcome of this admiration. I want to formulate comment on a hipster culture who use expensive bikes (among other stuff) to decorate their home, office or display windows with. The art piece I now presenting to you is no decorative object as such. It’s a sculpture that has a conceptual meaning. Built and assembled by me, decidedly with poor means but with philosophical and visual qualities as the main subject, meant to be displayed in an artistic context. Because my focus has exclusively been philosophical, the practical qualities that the originals have has been set aside. What I want to achieve with this is a replacement (on a philosophical level) of all the bikes that are used as ornaments, with a sculpture that speaks to the viewer on a different, rather reflective artistic level. Instead of using these fantastic sports machine constructed by some of the best engineers in the world, I wanted to create a sculpture to illustrate my concept, to bring The Laser -with its sculptural perfection- into the contemporary art world (again). That way, hopefully the classic bikes can be used for what they were built for (I speak now not only about The Laser, but about all the amazing bikes that are not used for their original purpose and because I believe that The Laser is number one, it has become model for my sculpting).

My amateurish craft will in many aspects differ from its original and my ambition is that the first emotional sight of the sculpture will clash with the second, more detail glance.

To break or dissolve the boundaries between consumer society and the emotional human is one of the conceptual aspects I examine in this project.
Where do the various elements come from that make us consider something as beautiful?
I’m also investigating how the boundaries are drawn between what is considered authentic and fake.
How does this project affect the projected gloria and how far should I move across the border of what is considered as sacred?

my name is Lars and if you have any questions or thoughts, please send me an email.